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Body Butter

Body Butter

Aside from sun protection, moisturizer is arguably the most important element of any skin-care routine. "Moisturizer doesn't just add water back into your skin, 

it also traps in the water you already have to plump it up and protect it," Mona Gohara, a dermatologist at Yale University, previously told Allure. But try as we might, 

so often, the skin-softening process ends at our necks.

That is, until now. "Your skin absolutely needs moisturizer," says Gohara. "Your skin is the biggest organ in your body.

It's not bloody or gutsy, but it's still an organ, and organs need water."

The easiest way to get the rest of your body in on the hydrating action? Slather on a luscious lotion that's formulated specifically for dry,

tired limbs. Whether you prefer a frill-free body moisturizer, a luxurious cream, or a lightweight lotion, 

these 52 products are guaranteed to wrap your skin below the chin in some serious TLC this season.

Brand: Lovea Nature
Enriched with Shea butter (Shea butter) and cocoa butter. This rich lotion nourishes and protects dry skin. Thanks to the creamy texture moisturizes the epidermis formula intensively. This lightly scented body lotion is based on natural fragrance and leaves skin directly velvet soft and comfortable ..
Ex Tax: EGP150.00
Brand: Argan Oil
Argan Oil Body Butter has been specially formulated to smooth, soften and moisturise the skin. The rich formula combines a blend of Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E to hydrate and soften the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and soft to the touch...
Ex Tax: EGP385.00
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